• About Us

  • The Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce was developed as a means for businesses to come together in support of one common interest – the growth and continued development of the Milaca community. Our Chamber is an organization made up of active and motivated volunteers committed to creating, protecting and enhancing the healthy business environment for the benefit of the city.

    Since our development we have assisted Milaca in many areas: supporting the public schools, assisting and hosting numerous yearly community events, organizing volunteer programs and welcoming new residents and businesses to the area.

  • WHO is the Chamber…

    The Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce is people. It's you and individuals and businesses like you. It’s people working together to make the Milaca area a better place to live and make a living.

    Chamber members represent business and professional men and women who collectively engage in promoting the welfare of our area.

    The Chamber is a democratic organization: operating according to a written set of by-laws. The Chamber is a voluntary organization composed of members who contribute personal and financial support because they choose to do so.

    The Chamber is you. 

  • Do you want to improve the Milaca Area? Are you willing to volunteer to assist with Chamber sponsored events? Do you want to join like-minded business owners and work to make the Milaca Area a great place to do business?

    If your answers are yes, yes and yes, then you have what the Chamber is looking for in a member. For more information about the Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce, please contact us at the Chamber office - 320.983.3140 or e-mail us at info@milacachamber.com.

    Why Should I Join The Milaca Area Chamber... The reasons are numerous.

    • Because you and your business prosper as the area prospers. By helping to build a thriving community, your investment is strengthened and your opportunities broadened.
    • Because progress and prosperity depend on the development of a sound economic and social structure. These attributes result from a continued program of activities designed to cultivate opportunities.
    • Because the support of all businesses is necessary to bring about economic betterment of our city and civic improvements needed by our modern standard of living.
    • Because you are a citizen of our area doing business and sharing in our prosperity. The obligation of citizenship challenges you to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community.
    • Because these goals can be reached only by a united effort through an organization equipped and staffed to study and conduct a sound program for community progress.
    • Because your Chamber of Commerce is the only organization prepared to undertake these efforts and actively promote the civic and economic development of the community.